Online Shoppers Go Crazy for Cyber Monday

Many Americans headed back to work on Monday, but that doesn’t mean they were done Christmas shopping. Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other online retailers experienced a massive spike in traffic and sales. Monday sales are expected to have reach a record $2 billion. But not all companies are excited about this. In a study […]

online christmas shopping

What is Twitter?

Many, including myself, still don’t fully understand what role Twitter has in our daily life. Twitter explains!  

iPhone 6 “Air” Concept Hits Internet

A new concept image created by brightknight08 is an iPhone 6 “Air” with Moto G‘s customizable features. The concept is a new design that looks similar to the iPad Air but with customizable colors, similar to the Moto G. It also has a 4.6 inch Full HD screen, which is something I’ve been wanting from […]

iPhone 6 Air

xbox one

Xbox One Specs

Xbox One Hardware Specs             Optical Drive – DVD/BlueRay Game DVR – Upload Studio Ram – 8GB DDR3 + 32MB eSRAM embedded memory HDCP Encryption – No for games CPU – 8 Core AMD custom CPU Frequency 1.75 GHz Flash Memory – 8GB Flash Memory Storage – 500GB Hard Drive, […]

Twitter Shares Soar in Stock Market Debut 1

Investors rushed to grab a slice of the¬†Twitter¬†stock on Thursday. Many investors believe Twitter has more potential than Facebook, which is why the stock soared to 73% in its stock market debut. It crushed the average one-day pop by other U.S. technology or Internet IPOs of 35%. Goldman Sachs’ Anthony Noto had Twitter priced at […]

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google drive shortcut

Google Drive Keyboard Shortcut

I’m a huge fan of Google Drive. I love that I can access my Google Drive files from any computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, windows or Blackberry device. Google Drive is great, but it can become confusing and frustrating. To make Google Drive a little easier to navigate around, the alt-/ shortcut is now available. alt-/ […]

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman

I’ve always been a huge fan of the GoPro Camera. But after doing some research on the CEO Nick Woodman, I’m an even bigger fan! The GoPro corporate office isn’t your typical office environment. It’s full of creative minds. Many of the employees have an outdoorsy look to them. The office has remote controlled drones […]

gopro nick woodman

android kitkat

Google Android KitKat Update offers better Web Technology

If you’re a fan of the Android OS, you’ve heard about Googles new Android update named KitKat. KitKat has a lot of new features that has us Android users drooling. But one of the most exciting updates is an update to WebView. WebView is a programming interface that now employs Chrome instead of the WebKit-based […]

Blackberry Replaces CEO, No Longer for Sale

Well, I guess Blackberry is not dead… Yet. Blackberry has decided to raise $1 billion by selling convertible notes to investors. They also announced John S. Chen will replace CEO Thorsten Heins. Chen has been the CEO of Sybase since 1998. Following the announcement, Blackberry stock dropped 18% in premarket trading.


Apple iWork

Apple taking shot at Microsoft Office

Apple has long been considered non “business friendly”. But Apple looks to change this stereotype with iWork, a set of applications that will come free of charge for any new Mac, iPhone or iPad. iWork applications used to cost $10 each.